The digital marketing agency designed for your business

With over a decade in the digital marketing arena, specialising in targeted business-to-business direct marketing, Merrehill services clients small and large, from start-ups to established international corporations, providing lead generation and strategic marketing solutions primarily to the SME sector.

We are experienced in creating tailored email marketing campaigns using either clients' own mailing lists, or our UK business directory that spans hundreds of thousands of British business contacts in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which can also be rented or purchased for your own campaign. We also develop cutting edge websites that mean business, and optimize clients' websites with our on and off-site SEO. For more information about our services, see what we do.

Merry who?

Merrehill n. /ˈmɛ.rɪ.ˌhɪl/

Unlike most, our name wasn't given to us by our parents; it's actually the name of the place we came from, a country house on a hill in Cheshire that was the company's first office. We have no idea what it means, but presume the “hill” part has something to do with it being on a hill. Often misspelt “Merryhill,” we'd love to think it has some deep-seated significance as a place where tradesmen came together to market their wares in the middle ages. Luckily for modern Britain, whatever it may have meant, today it means excellent results in business-to-business marketing.