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Merrehill is the only company to partner with if you require excellent email marketing services in Birmingham. We, eat, breathe, and live lead generation through digital marketing. Since our company was launched back in 2005, we have been zealously generating leads for all types of business whether small or large. Our email database holds millions of records one of the aspects that put us one step ahead when it comes to identifying your target audience so that your business can get the feedback it deserves. There are many reasons why our clients love working with us.

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Effective Email Campaigns

We configure and set up our mail servers for optimum sending. These are warmed up for the first few weeks which normally involves test sends as well as monitoring of results. Note that our email marketing company in Birmingham will always come up with a customised on-topic domain for your email marketing campaign before we can start broadcasting the emails. Partnering with us means you can rest easy as you will have left the experts to work on creating email copies that will organically generate leads.

Compellingly Designed Campaigns

Our email marketing services in Birmingham are crafted in a manner that we get to do all the heavy-lifting and you can sit back and wait for amazing results. We will hold your hand throughout the whole email-marketing process from design preparations to running the campaign on your behalf on the best dates. We have no problem adjusting the campaigns if you want some changes made until you are happy with the results.

GDPR Compliant Email Marketing

From May 2018, Merrehill has been adapting new policies and processes that are in line with GDPR. This allows us to offer email marketing and prospective lead generation campaigns that are GDPR compliant. To protect the interests of our clients we have also put in place internal procedures that maintain information security while reducing or eliminating the risks to the person whose data is being used or stored. Additionally, we have an expert DPO (Data Protection Officer) as part of our staff. The officer acts as the point of contact for our specialists, data subjects, and ICO in all matters that relate to data protection.

Campaign Reporting

As your trusted email marketing agency in Birmingham, we offer all our clients reports a few days after we start sending out the emails. This is where you get to see all the statistics of your campaign. Keep in mind that we always send follow-up emails after one week. We have seen that this acts as a reminder to your audience which in most cases is a good move for your business because it can add clicks, opens, and leads. You can also trust Merrehill to monitor all clicks and opens on your website as well as the leads generated. After one campaign is over, we will study the results and immediately start working with some ideas for the next campaign.

We license our data from a recognised data owner.

Our in-house data cleaning process spits out all the bounces, unsubscribes & out of date information.

Mail servers are set up and configured for optimum sending - warmed up over a number of weeks with test sends and results monitored.

Your dedicated account manager discusses your needs to find your target audience - filtering our database of over 1.2 million records by industry, location, size and many more.

Using your filtered target audience, we can determine how many records we have available for you and quote based on your volume.

We are experts in creating email copy that generates leads. From the information you supply and a cheeky look at your website, we create emails that best suit your goals.

Once your price, design and, audience are agreed, we pick the best date for your campaign to run.

A unique and on topic domain will be created for your campaign and boom, we start broadcasting emails.

A week later we will send a follow-up email, that acts as a reminder to your audience and to drum up more of the good stuff like opens, clicks, and leads.

We monitor all opens, clicks to your website and most importantly leads generated.

Once the campaign is completed, we will mull over the results and kick start ideas for your next campaign.

A week later we will send a follow-up email, that acts as a reminder to your audience and to drum up more of the good stuff like opens, clicks, and leads.

A couple of days after your campaign you will receive a report, detailing your stats, such as opens and click rates.

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