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We’ve been running email campaigns since 2005, so know a thing or two.  There are certain questions we get asked a lot, so I’ve complied a list of the most frequently asked questions we get:

How do you price?

Quite simply, as with most things, we price based on volume.  The more emails you want to deliver, the less you will pay per email delivered.  We offer further discounts on monthly packages, and if your product/service is mass-market, we can even consider charging on a cost-per-lead basis.

What is the “hit rate"?

Typically, when a prospect asks this, they mean “how many leads will I get?”.  The simple and honest answer is, we don’t know!  We would love to guarantee a certain number of leads, but of course would be retired on a beach in Mauritius now if that was the case.  As with any marketing exercise, there are no guarantees.  You can be sure your product/service will be broadcast to a relevant audience and opened by, generally, at least 10% of that audience.  More often than not, you will receive enquiries as a result of this.

Who does the design?

This is your choice.  Around 97% of the time, we do, at the client’s request.  We will ask you for some relevant info on what you do, the benefits, any offers etc and then draft a design.  We will change the email multiple times until you are happy for it to be sent.

Do we get this list?

No, afraid not.  The data we license in is for us to use to promote B2B products and services on behalf of our clients.  We can not sell or lease our data. We do team up with a data provider, however, so can lease data from a separate source.

How do we know you’ve sent the emails?

This is a very common worry of cautious prospects.  Quite simply, the best way you’ll find out is when you receive leads.  We do provide a campaign report with every send detailing all the statistics of your campaign. Ultimately though, we gain nothing from not delivering your emails.  Our reputation is worth more than the few hundred pounds we might gain from not sending a campaign!

Where do you get your data from?

We license our data in on an annual basis with monthly updates from 2 reputable data owners.  We further cleanse the data once it reaches us removing known bounces and unsubscribes.  It’s because of this we generally achieve 98% delivery rates.

Is your data opt-in?

No.  As a B2B database, this is not required.  B2B opt-in data for third party broadcasting does not exist.  We are fully compliant with GDPR, PECR, ICO and DMA guidelines.  Every email has an unsubscribe option, and furthermore recipients can contact us directly to find out more about the data we hold on them.

Can we target by turnover?

Turnover is one of the criteria we stopped using a long time ago.  We found it to be too unreliable and misleading for a full representation.  Our main criteria are industry, location, job title and number of staff.

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