Merrehill | 25% off what??

25% off what??

25% off what??

Day in, day out, we all receive emails with special offers.

On my personal email accounts, these are sometimes of interest to me.

These are brands I’ve subscribed to and actively signed up to receive offers from.

But on my business account, a lot of emails I receive are of course cold.


25% off what exactly?

I’ve never bought anything from you!

I don’t know what the full price is!

Having never used you/bought from you, how would I know if even 75% would be of value to me?

Yes, me, the reader of your email.

The first time you’ve communicated to me and you’re already devaluing your product!

No thanks.

But it’s tempting, and I get that.

Lots of clients are tempted to put in offers.

Which unless it’s a well-known product, I’ll always advise against.

If you can knock 25% off, give that wiggle room to your sales team to play with.

The focus must be the why! The benefit!

I know I sound like a scratched record.

But it’s crucial.

How will it benefit me, the reader, and why should I get it from you?

If you must put an offer in, make it time sensitive.

But reward with extra ‘stuff’ rather than a lower cost.

Contact me today for 25% off your next campaign.

Kidding, of course.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Shore

17th March 2021

Written by Lee Shore on 17th Mar, 2021.

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