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Can’t be that good!

Can’t be that good!
I received an interesting reply to a LinkedIn ad last week. It was in response to one of my ads promoting email marketing. The respondent was, in their opinion, catching me out. He said: “Email marketing can’t be that good if you’re having to advertise on LinkedIn.” It was followed by the laughing face emoji. Nice touch. I have often suspected that many views we get elsewhere may have the same thought. To which I will always answer: Why would I limit myself to email marketing? What successful business do you know that restricts itself to one channel of advertising? Of course, we do practice what we preach. 74% of our leads in this year have come in off an email. The other 26% is made up of website, LinkedIn, referrals, etc. So why would I cut those channels off? That would be madness, wouldn’t it? Whilst we know that our best method of bringing in leads is by emailing. We also know that there are many folks out there whose email addresses we won’t have. Or they just don’t read our emails. Or they perhaps unsubscribed 8 years ago, meaning we’ll never email them again. I’d never ever suggest to a client that they just run email campaigns. I’d always suggest that they advertise wherever proves viable for them! Do you have multiple channels of advertising?  Does one stand out more than others? Lee Shore 21st April 2021

Written by Lee Shore on 21st Apr, 2021.

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