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Congruency? Is that the word?

Congruency? Is that the word?

I’m not a wordsmith by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that.

I was talking with my wife recently about how I’m always me, no matter what.

So, if I’m at home, at work, with friends, emailing a client or writing a blog, I’m the same person.

And you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Apparently, this means I have a ‘congruent personality’, per my ‘counsellor in training’ wife anyway.

It wasn’t always this way.

I’d bring different personas to different situations, particularly when speaking with clients.

But it’s so exhausting and serves no one! Whereas dropping the effort of ‘coming across’ a certain way is so liberating!

And I’d say the same for writing an email marketing promotion.

Word it from you, the way you’d write it to your best friend or your partner or whoever (with the reader in mind of course).

If, like me, you avoid using jargon and buzzwords, then don’t use these in your email pitch.

No one will thank you for it, particularly those who respond and then speak with a seemingly completely different person.

If you do like playing around with ‘big’ words in daily life, then stick them in there.

From a prospect’s perspective, surely your email to them, your website and then finally you yourself should be consistent throughout?

Probably my most ‘head-emptying’ blog to date, but thought I’d share.

Let me know your thoughts.

Lee Shore
15th July 2021

Written by Lee Shore on 15th Jul, 2021.

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