Merrehill | Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us!

It was our birthday last week.

15 years of Merrehill!

I only noticed when I started receiving ‘Happy anniversary’ messages on LinkedIn!

‘Lee Shore is celebrating his 15th anniversary at Merrehill.’

This coincided with an interesting post that I got involved with on LinkedIn.

A connection of mine was talking about identifying one’s USP.

Most of his clients claim theirs are ‘quality and service’, which, he pointed out correctly, are not ‘unique’ selling points.

I commented that we at Merrehill don’t have a USP.

What we do could be replicated.

What we do isn’t simply loading a campaign and hitting ‘Send’, despite what some may think.

(In fact, we prepared a video on that subject).

I digress.

No, there is a lot of work that goes into an email campaign.

But even so, none of it is unique.

What we do have is experience, and you can’t buy that.

We’ve had 15 years of running campaigns.

For all shapes and sizes of business.

We’ve run campaigns that have failed miserably.

We’ve run campaigns that have blown us, and the clients, out of the water.

We’ve watched some of our clients grow their sales force off the back of campaigns we run.

One large banking client put in their own email marketing division based on what we’d done for them. This one was bittersweet!

We have clients who send campaigns 51 weeks a year.

We have clients who send once a quarter. Some once a month.

And so on.

We’ve seen it all, and we deal with all scenarios.

And still, the results surprise us sometimes (at both ends of the scale).

Here’s to the next 15 years and beyond!

Lee Shore

14th October 2020

Written by Lee Shore on 14th Oct, 2020.

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