Merrehill | I delete most of the emails I receive.

I delete most of the emails I receive.

I delete most of the emails I receive.

“I delete most of the emails I receive.”

One of the most common things we hear from prospects.

Particularly if they’re trying to talk themselves out of running a campaign!

And how do I respond to that?

Do I say, “Well, Mr customer, the emails we send won’t be deleted”?

Of course I don’t!

I say 2 things:

“So do I. I think most people do.”


“Typically speaking, around 90% of the people we send emails to will delete the email without a second thought!”

The important word in that opening statement is “most”.

Not “all”.

I read the emails that capture my interest and are timely.

And that’s why email marketing works.

We’re giving you the best chance of your promotion being read at the time your prospect needs or wants your product/service.

Sometimes, as mentioned in previous blogs, it’s eerie that the email lands at the EXACT time they’re looking.

Suspicious almost!

Imagine for a moment your product/service is a high-street shop.

10,000 people walk down that street daily.

These are all potential clients, but you wouldn’t expect engagement with them all.

Most will walk right past your shop.

Some will stop and have a look in the window, perhaps plan to revisit.

Some will come inside the shop and browse.

Some may ask a question about your product.

And of course, some will buy.

A funnel, as with all marketing efforts.

But you’ve got to have a shop in the first place to get new buyers!

Lee Shore
26th April 2022

Written by Lee Shore on 26th Apr, 2022.

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