Merrehill | I never read blogs like this but ...

I never read blogs like this but ...

I never read blogs like this but ...

“I usually delete these types of emails, but it just so happens…”

“I don’t respond to emails, but your email has landed at just the right time.”

“Your timing is impeccable…”

These are some of my favourite sentence-openers.

You would not believe how many leads we see coming in for clients that start with some variation of these sentences.

It always backs up what we tell our clients: most people WILL NOT read your email.

The vast majority will delete your email without a second thought.

But who cares?

We are just trying to capture those who need/want your service NOW!

Of course, they are going to read it, and if it resonates, they will respond.

This isn’t unique to just email marketing.

Surely, this is how all marketing works:

You advertise your product/service to a selected audience of potential buyers; you get a chunk of leads back in; you sell to a chunk, and then calculate the viability of said exercise.

We’re all familiar with funnels.

People will ignore TV ads, mailshots, magazine adverts, telesales calls, Facebook ads, etc all day, every day.

However, now and again, “it just so happens…”

Next time your marketing budget allocation is based on what you as a consumer “never” do, just consider this blog.

Lee Shore

26th August 2020

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Written by Lee Shore on 26th Aug, 2020.

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