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It just so happens...

It just so happens...

It just so happens

Four of my favourite words, in that order of course.

We do B2B email marketing, which, if you’re reading this, you probably already know.

I always say there are three key elements to any campaign.

The data/target, the message and timing.

And quite often, we’re heavily reliant on the latter of those three.


A lot of the products/services we promote can cause a reaction or a want, off the back of the message itself.

A lot can raise awareness and start a conversation.

Some, of course, can be promoting a service the prospect already uses with a competitor.

But sometimes, a response comes because the email landed just at the right time.

The target was perfect, the message beautifully constructed, and then the stars align, and the email arrives in your prospect’s inbox at the perfect moment.

And typically, their reply will begin with “It just so happens...”

Or “You must be a mind-reader.”

You get the idea.

We love seeing that.

We’ve created engagement with your prospect at the exact moment they are looking for your service.

Wildly difficult to predict this, or even build into a marketing plan, just purely serendipitous.

But it all goes back to what I always say.

We’re not here to sell your wares.

We’re here to give you the best chance possible of speaking to the people who may want to buy.

And if we are reliant on timing, we’ll make sure the other factors are executed to perfection.

We all delete all the emails we have no interest in, which is the vast majority.

We also read the ones we are interested in.

Lee Shore
2nd March 2022

Written by Lee Shore on 2nd Mar, 2022.

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