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Choking on a dictionary

Choking on a dictionary

I’ve just received a promotional email.

As you’d imagine, I pay a lot of attention to these.

This was the opening line…

“[Product name] Infrastructure as a service can be easily extended into your data centre to provide a coherent, much simplified, hybrid, cloud infrastructure service that delivers the performance, security and agility you need to create powerful cloud experiences.”

Hopefully, you already know where I’m going with this.

I needed a nap and a coffee after just reading that.

After a couple more efforts, I kinda got what they are saying.

But, come on. Really?

Some people may respect and be impressed by buzz words and big words.

But after 17 years in the email world, I can guarantee you, most don’t.

And the email didn’t get much better after that.

Imagine calling a new prospect, introducing yourself and then reading that out.

Or chatting to a potential client at a networking event and spieling that mouthful off.

You may be thinking, “but this isn’t a phone call or a chat”.

It isn’t, you’re right, but your email would get far more traction if it read as though it was.

Most people, behind the safety of their monitor, would prefer to just understand who you are, what you’re offering, and how it benefits them.

So, tell them. In layman’s.

Furthermore, an enquiry from a prospect who “gets it” will be far hotter than someone who does not.

Lee Shore
5th January 2023

Written by Lee Shore on 5th Jan, 2023.

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