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Consistency is King

Consistency is King
As well as the very targeted campaigns we run whereby we identify your audience from our database of over one million records by industry, geography and size, we also run campaigns for around 30 of what we call our “mass-market” clients. These are our “bread and butter” clients who offer a product or service that is relevant to the vast majority, if not all, of our database. I had a nice reminder of just how consistent we are for these clients only this morning. My colleague Andrew started a game of “guess the leads” on our group chat. This is where he gives us some basic info on the client, the product, and the audience size. We then have to guess how many leads we generated for that client. Just a bit of fun. The whole game takes less than a minute. In this scenario, the example was a client who has been running campaigns with us every month since August 2012. The client recycles old hardware. Andrew keeps a tab on leads generated for him month on month. The question was “How many leads have we generated for him since Aug 2012?” Sean – “1,000?” Me – “5,460?” Shaun – “3,700?” Ryan – “5,720?” Andrew – “Drum roll……” The answer was 7,016!! The closest guess was nearly 20% out. Incredible though, right? A steady stream of leads for 8 years. 877 a year on average. 73 per month. 16 per week! And I know this client has changed their message only 4 or 5 times in those 8 years. I talk a lot on my blogs about the struggles and difficulties we sometimes need to overcome for clients. How managing expectations is a big part of our honesty policy. But sometimes, it’s just easy. A simple message. A big audience. A relevant service. Consistent stream (river) of leads for over 8 years. And we have clients who get even more! Thanks for reading. Lee Shore 11th November 2020

Written by Lee Shore on 11th Nov, 2020.

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