Merrehill | 2020 – A Year of Positives?

2020 – A Year of Positives?

2020 – A Year of Positives?
All I hear is doom and gloom, and all is darkness in my room.” – The Rolling Stones, Doom and Gloom Whilst the lyrics to this song are somewhat abstract, I do find myself singing this song in my head quite often when catching up on the news, social media, etc at the moment. If you’re not familiar with it, check it out – 2020 has certainly been a strange one – for some people, a disastrous one. I don’t need to go into detail on that side. We all know what’s going on. As we approach the end of the year, like me, I guess a lot of you are starting to look at stats for the year. How they compare with your targets. How they compare with 2019. And, of course, forecasting/goal setting for 2021. This is a good time to look at positive things that have happened in 2020. The things we can, and should, celebrate. On personal and business fronts. Every day may not be good… but there is something good in every day. The same goes for every week, month and year. Here are some of the positive things for Merrehill so far this year:
  • So far this year, we have taken on 101 new clients…
  • …to add to the other 300+ clients we've helped this year so far.
  • We hired a new member of staff to join our design team.
  • We set up partner agreements with suppliers offering other services that we always get asked for.
  • We generated approx. 30,000 leads for our clients.
That’s just a snippet, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to find positives when you look for them. Let me know your biggest win(s) of 2020 so far.   Lee Shore 25th November 2020

Written by Lee Shore on 25th Nov, 2020.

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