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30 24 tips to send a good email

30 24 tips to send a good email
I know that many of us have issues generating leads when running our own campaigns.   I decided to write up the 30 best tips that I have seen work when it comes to generating leads with email marketing.   I came up with 24!   Here are my 30 24 favourite tips to send a good email:  
  1. Know your audience and clearly define who you want to target.
  2. If necessary, segment your audience and use different designs for each.
  3. Avoid spam trigger words - your email is not "spam", but some mail servers will decide it is!
  4. If you're a SME, be personal with your readers.
  5. Use valuable content - your audience should benefit from reading your email.
  6. Write your email like you would any other email, like the human you are.
  7. Include a call-to-action (CTA) - relevant for ALL marketing exercises!
  8. Avoid too many images and avoid embedding videos in your content!
  9. Have links throughout the message.
  10. Include links to your social media pages, and share buttons if relevant.
  11. Use a stand-out subject line but ensure it's on topic!
  12. Make sure it's readable - plenty of white space and paragraphs.
  13. Be consistent with your marketing style.
  14. Make sure your email is responsive and mobile-friendly.
  15. Send weekly/monthly emails.
  16. Ensure it's easy for your reader to unsubscribe.
  17. Keep your list clean and up to date.
  18. Test, test, test!
  19. Try different sending days/times to determine when the best time is for your audience.
  20. Track opens and clicks to determine what’s working well, and what is not.
  21. Try A/B subject lines for a small portion. Use the best for the rest.
  22. Add links to all your images.
  23. Add alt text to all your images.
  24. Use preview text.
  What do you think? What’s your favourite tip? Let me know! Lee Shore 22nd July 2020 Get in touch with us at Merrehill today to find out how digital email marketing can help you and your business.

Written by Lee Shore on 22nd Jul, 2020.

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