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Guarantee or special offer?

Guarantee or special offer?

As we’re in the era of the consumer, we’re far more savvy these days when it comes to making a purchase.

Shopping around more, discount codes, haggling, etc.

Special offers are always useful if you’re patient enough to wait for them.

But a lot of the brands we buy from will never have offers on.

They just don’t need to.

Then, what is it you’re looking for?

If you’re anything like me, it’s a guarantee.

On bigger purchases, it’s a good warranty, of course.

Same difference.

Whether it’s a car, a holiday, a hi-fi (showing my age now) or a new phone.

You want that reassurance that if it doesn’t do what it says it does,

Or last as long as you expected,

That you’ll be compensated in some way.

Whether it be financial or a replacement.

Just knowing that you’ll still be getting what you paid for.

And that’s why we push these so much in our email campaigns.

We have a list of core elements we try and squeeze into every design.

Two of which are an “Irresistible offer” and “Guarantee”.

An offer isn’t always appropriate, or you may not even want to give one.

But in my opinion, if you don’t, you’d best have a rock-solid guarantee!

Let me know if you’d like to see the other elements of a promotional design.

Thanks for reading.

Lee Shore
19th May 2022

Written by Lee Shore on 19th May, 2022.

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