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How many leads will I get?

How many leads will I get?

The truth is, we don’t know.

Those of you who have spoken with us will know we never answer this question either – dangerous territory.

There are too many variables from campaign to campaign to even bother measuring an ‘average’:

Different products.

Different audiences.

Different timings.

Ultimately, if we’ve got the right message, the right audience, and send at the right time, you will see a decent return of leads.

It’s up to you then, of course, to make the campaign a success by closing them!

Looking at some campaigns we’ve run this month, here is an example how the number of leads coming back varies wildly:

Shredding client – 14 leads

Key man insurance – 33 leads

Recruitment – 7 leads

CCTV – 45 leads

Translations – 19 leads

Telesales – 0 leads!

Pension funding – 2 leads

Pallet shipping – 331 leads!

The last one is an example of a message where there is no reason for the recipient to not come back for a price.

But you can wager that a massive percentage of these will be tentative.

As opposed to, say, the 7 recruitment leads we generated, which are much higher quality.

You don’t decide to hire someone as a result of an email; these emails have landed with the right person at the right time.

As with any marketing campaign, the key is giving yourself the best chance possible.

Cast the net as wide as you can.

Use our design survey and take our suggestions on board.

Have measures in place to increase your conversions.

But it all starts with that first email.

Talk to us today. Let’s get something arranged.

Lee Shore

23rd September 2020

Written by Lee Shore on 23rd Sep, 2020.

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