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No such thing as a free lunch?

No such thing as a free lunch?

Want to know if email marketing works?

Offer something free of charge.

If you’re targeting the right audience with a product that they can make use of at literally no expense to them, you will be inundated with replies/enquiries.

We don’t recommend this, of course, but it does always prove one thing.

Our emails do get opened and, indeed, read.

An example of this is a client we ran a campaign for recently.

They sell safety equipment, and they ran an email offering a free pair of safety specs to anyone who replied.

We suggested that if they were committed to doing this, they limit their offering to the first 50 replies. They went with 75.

As you probably guessed, within around 20 mins of the first email launching, all pairs were accounted for.

The email had to be stopped quickly and the follow-up email cancelled.

It’s understandable why they did this, of course.

Relatively low expense to them and a foot in the door with a prospect who may later buy 500 pairs!

But it does highlight further that a campaign with a lacklustre response simply has the wrong message or, sometimes, bad timing.

But your email is being read, and you are being noticed.

Don’t give away a product but take the next step back from that.

What are you offering the prospect?

How are you going to make their life easier?

Or save them money?

Or make them money?

Lee Shore

30th September 2020

Written by Lee Shore on 7th Oct, 2020.

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