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Meet the Merrehill team!

Meet the Merrehill team!

To create a successful email campaign, you need a team of specialists! Luckily, that's exactly what we have here at Merrehill. Currently, we're a large enough email marketing company to manage millions of targeted messages every week for a range of clients in a variety of professional industries. But don't worry, we're still small enough that you can get to know us!

Some people may think that all email marketing consists of is just a push of a button... that's not the case. From directors to designers, our team is on hand to complete the intricate process of an email campaign. Here's a little about us...


Meet our Managing Director Lee, he's known for cracking the whip!


Say hello to Ian. He's one of our Directors. He tends to focus on email delivery and tech development.


Say Hi to Sam, he's our Data Protection Officer. He develops and maintains Merrehill’s programme for the protection of personal data and privacy law compliance.


Director Yvonne loves meeting with and talking to people. She spends a lot of her time speaking to existing clients and potential clients, arrange meetings and traveling to see them.


Say Hi to Sean, he's a designer for us here at Merrehill. A typical day for Sean is spent designing emails and landing pages for clients and occasionally speaking to them about their requirements.


Here's our designer Manager, Ryan! He creates exceptional email designs & landing pages.


Meet Andrew, he’s an Account Manager, he spends his general day to day speaking with clients and prospects. He also answers questions (by phone or email) on our services and brings new clients on board.


Meet Alex, he’s also an Account Manager. His job consists of dealing with incoming enquiries via telephone and email, follow up existing clients and sell email campaign packages to suit each client's specific requirements.


Andy is our trusty IT man! He maintains and develops the companies IT hardware and software infrastructure.


Shaun is our Delivery Manager. His workdays consist of inputting stats, sending leads & setting up campaigns.

If you'd like to learn more about how our team could help your business, please contact us on 01625 70 80 40.

Written by Lee Shore on 13th Jun, 2019.

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