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Remember, Remember… Pizza

Remember, Remember… Pizza

Which adverts, or email promo sticks in your mind for the wrong reasons.

One that we discuss quite often here at Merrehill came in the form of an email years back.

It was a very well know Pizza chain.

The email was delivered on 5th November and was pushing Bonfire Night deals.

The subject line was “Remember, Remember…Pizza”.


A play of course on the famous rhyme regarding the gunpowder plot.

A £billion pound company, and that’s the best they could do.

We like to imagine the rushed marketing meeting on 4th November.

It gets to 11:30pm, everyone is tired, and someone suggests the above.

Everyone, in their sheer desire to get out of the office agrees, and out it goes.

Another for me was the tv ad with the Samuel L Jackson.

He’s walking down the road delivering a monologue.

It was very popular at the time.

Though no one had any idea what the advert meant, and many forget who the ad was for.

(it was Barclays)

Of course, some of these ads may want to be memorable, which they are.

Whereas the campaigns we run, are results orientated.

Instant results. Instant ROI.

So here are some simple tips if your goals are the same:

  1. Ensure the subject line and opening paragraph make it clear what is being offered.
  2. Avoid being obscure, funny or clever!
  3. Overcome objections before they come (but leave room for at least one question).
  4. Keep the tone consistent with yourself personally, or your website/brand.
  5. Show someone else who isn’t involved. Do they “get it”?
  6. Back up your claims. Testimonials, stats etc are great.
  7. Tell them (TELL THEM) what to do next. Call me. Email me. Whatever. Tell them.
  8. Read it all back to yourself. If it doesn’t read like you talking, fix it!

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Lee Shore

10th August

Written by Lee Shore on 10th Aug, 2021.

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