Merrehill | “If it works, I’ll do it again.”

“If it works, I’ll do it again.”

“If it works, I’ll do it again.”

“If it works, I’ll do it again.”

One of the most common promises we hear from new clients.

I’m sure it’s the same across the entire marketing industry.

And it makes perfect sense.

We generally assume it “working” as being our client has made more from the campaign, than they spent.

Or they’ve signed up enough new clients that long-term will make it viable exercise.

But what if it doesn’t work?

You’ll never do it again?

Ideal scenario is we get the message, the audience, and the timing spot-on first time.

But the stars don’t always align that way.

And even when they do, we can leave the client with high expectations going forward.

I was speaking with a fellow director last week, and I used a word that I generally don’t share often.

Because with what we do, it’s a negative word.

The word is “punt”.

And honestly, one campaign is a punt.

We ALWAYS expect a campaign to perform well, we wouldn’t allow it to go if we didn’t.

But if it doesn’t, don’t assume that email marketing “just doesn’t work”.

I have hundreds of clients who will tell you otherwise.

And of all the clients we ever lost, over 90% did one campaign.

They had a punt, and it didn’t pay off.

And for those where it did work after 1, 2, sometimes 5 campaigns, they stuck to their word and did it again.

You don’t last 16-years in this game, run over 30,000 campaigns, generating hundreds of thousands of leads on luck.

Lee Shore
21st Sept 2021

Written by Lee Shore on 21st Sep, 2021.

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