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You tell me!

You tell me!

Quite often, a client will ask me something along the lines of:

“How did my campaign perform?”

“How are the results looking?”

“Looking at the report, are these figures good?”

I always take it as a compliment that clients (generally) respect my knowledge and experience.

That they look to me for wisdom.

But my answer is always the same to the questions above:

“You tell me!”

I will never, ever tell a client what a good result is.

A good result for a paying customer must fit their own definition.

I can tell them the open rate was good, bad or average.

Or that the CTR was high for their industry.

But that’s all irrelevant in the end.

We’ve seen clients with frankly awful open rates but six-figure returns!

We’ve seen campaigns with record-breaking stats and a handful of leads.

The stats serve a purpose in helping us create the next campaign.

But we are a lead-generation company.

Our clients pay us to generate leads.

And that’s all we ask to be judged on.

How many leads did you get?

How many leads did you convert?

What are those new clients worth to you now and in the future based on your average?

Is that more than what you paid us?

Yes? Great. It is viable. Let’s go again!

No? Back to the drawing board.

How do you define or measure a good marketing campaign?

Lee Shore

9th December 2020

Written by Lee Shore on 9th Dec, 2020.

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