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Cold Emails, Warm Welcomes

Cold Emails, Warm Welcomes

Writing an engaging introduction is no small task, but the success of your entire email marketing campaign just might depend on first impressions of your cold emails.

It’s Not About You

Most cold emails start by introducing the company or the person. While this seems natural and polite, it puts emphasis on the sender rather than the recipient.

A cold email introduction should focus on the prospective client. It’s an opportunity to share that you know something about them, the problems they might be experiencing and how your product or service can help.

'A Flatterer Never Seems Absurd, The Flatter’d Always Takes His Word...'

Take time to think about the specific recipient. Addressing them by name is a great start, but what else do you know about them? Did they write an article you enjoyed? Did they design a product you love? Complimenting them on a recent, relevant achievement will catch their attention and break ground on your business relationship.

How Can I Help?

You should then turn to their business and any challenges it might be facing. Asking specific questions will encourage your recipient to consider for themselves how you could help to improve their business, leading to a genuine conversation.

In seeking an answer to these questions, the recipient is now open to hearing about how your solution will help with problems they have identified themselves, ensuring a positive response to your cold email as they seek to understand more.

We can help you to offer prospects a warm welcome to your business with our cold email marketing strategies. Contact us today to find out more.

Written by Lee Shore on 28th Feb, 2021.

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