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Once Upon a Time: Using Stories in Emails

Once Upon a Time: Using Stories in Emails
Stories are great for making your email marketing stand out. They’re an opportunity to show off the personality of your business and the people you work with while highlighting the real-life problems your product or service solves. Chapter 1 Begin by identifying your call to action. Once you’ve identified this, you’ll be able to draw on your personal experience to find stories which fit. This might take a bit of creative thinking, but that’s the fun of being a storyteller! What Happened Next? With an email, you don’t have as much space as you would with a blog. Ideally, you'll want to keep your stories between 50 and 125 words.  But this should help you stay focused on building up to the calls to action. To Be Continued… It helps to wrap your stories up with a transition to the call to action. Here, you’ll explicitly introduce the topic of the call to action, linking it back to the story you've just shared. For example, if we told a story about arriving in a new city and the product we were promoting was an app to find accommodation, the transition might be: “We weren’t looking forward to a night sleeping on park benches. If only there was a quick way to see which hotels had vacancies...” A Happy Ending Once you’ve explained how the story relates to your product or service, you can encourage your readers to click through with a clear call to action. For help with weaving stories about your business into your email marketing, contact us today.

Written by Lee Shore on 24th Feb, 2021.

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