Merrehill | How to Send Re-Invite Emails for Rescheduled Events

How to Send Re-Invite Emails for Rescheduled Events

How to Send Re-Invite Emails for Rescheduled Events
With 2020 being something of a write-off for events, you might be thinking about sending re-invite emails for rescheduled conferences, seminars or get-togethers. Or, if you’ve decided to move online, you might be wondering how to tweak your invites for a virtual event. Here are a few top tips to make sure your email invites set your guests up for an incredible event: Remember the Basics It might sound like stating the obvious, but make sure your email invites and re-invites include all the basic details your guests need to know. Where will your physical event happen? When is it? It’s worth including your time zone too if the event’s moved online. Why Should Your Guests Attend? An engaging email subject line will create a great first impression of your event. Personalising this and including a clear call to action will maximise your open rate. In the body of the email, you’ll want to tell guests what they can look forward to. Give them a brief overview of your event in the preview text and shout about your main attractions in short, snappy paragraphs. Can’t-Miss Call to Action Maximise your RSVPs with a clear call to action button. For online events, this should link to your sign-up form. Timing Like comedy, the secret to a great email invite (and re-invite) is timing. How early you send out your email invites will depend on the scale of your event. For a several-day conference, you might consider two to three months, but for a short online event, the sweet spot is usually around two weeks. Ask the Experts Find out how Merrehill can maximise your open rates and write preview text so enticing that nobody would want to miss your event by contacting us today!

Written by Lee Shore on 26th Jan, 2021.

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